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What is Italian Ice?? Italian ice is a smooth blend of flavored ice, made from real fruit puree and pure cane sugar, with no artificial ingredients other than food coloring. It is similar to ice cream and sorbet but has no dairy product or egg; thus quenching thirst rather than feeding it, like ice cream does! It is different from shaved ice, Hawaiian ice, and snow cones in that, unlike the others, the syrup does not separate from the ice and settles at the bottom of the cup! Like ice cream, it is a smooth blend of flavored ice. Therefore, there is no ice to shave or crush down, and no need to haul messy bags of ice! It is fat-free, cholesterol free, has no high fructose corn syrup, and is only 15 calories per serving! Most of all...THE TASTE IS ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!!

Where does it come from?? It is a century-old recipe brought to the USA by the Maglione family from Italy (hence, its name), who settled in northern NJ from Sicily. People in Italy have been making variations of it for hundreds of years, but it was perfected in the United States by several Italian families! The Maglione family ships it to our cold storage warehouse in NC, where we transport it to our freezers; and where our Franchisees may also go to pick up. It is shipped to us via refrigeration trucks, shrink-wrapped on pallets containing 60 five-gallon cans of Italian Ice, made fresh, direct from the family factory!


Franchise Fee: $6000 for a 5 year term. This term is locked in for the first three years with no early out; meaning the franchisee is required to pay the first three years of term in full before he/she can request termination. Optional renewable terms available at the end of each term at no additional cost. Non-profit Franchises for groups such as Churches, schools, and charities are also available at the same rates. These franchises pay the same rate as an individual franchise but will have a slightly higher minimum number of cans per year that must be ordered

  • Either paid up front, or in monthly installments of only $100 per month for 60 months.

This fee entitles the local franchisee to have territorial rights of ownership, use of the company name and logo on all signage, advertising, and local promotions and events; camera-ready artwork is provided. 500 business cards and 500 brochures with franchisee’s info will be given free. In addition to this, all franchises will be internationally-linked on Headquarters' web site with local contact information! All contacts and inquiries coming from franchisee's territory to Headquarters will be passed on to local owners. All franchisees will enjoy company support from Headquarters, access to all company apparel and promotional items to sell, complete week of training, sales performance bonuses, as well as networking with other owners!

In addition to the one-time franchise fee, each Franchisee is required to pay royalties
On all gross sales. The National average on royalty fees is anywhere between 6-8%.

We are only charging 5%. Those who pay their franchise fee and cart(s) upfront are waived from paying any royalties their first two years of term! Those paying for just their Cart(s) are charged only 3% on royalty fees their first year of term. All others who opt for The “lease-to-own” plan, and who wish to pay the franchise fee monthly must also pay the entire 5% royalties on all sales from beginning of term.


 $48 per five-gallon can / $38 per 3-gal. (INCLUDES SHIPPING).

  • Each franchisee is required to purchase a certain number of cans per year, after the first year, in order to maintain his/her franchise status. This is based on each geographical location, population of territory, and type of franchise. For example, a franchise operating in a small rural territory is not required to purchase the same number of cans as a franchise located in a larger, busy tourist location. Corporate reserves the right to determine what that number is, based on sales performance after the first year of term, and according to population, type of franchise, and demographic figures. The minimum number of cans ALL franchisees MUST purchase, regardless of territory, is 24 cans per year! Non-profit franchises, regardless of territorial size, must order at least 34 cans per year. Any franchise not meeting their quota will be charged for the number of cans lacking at the end of each year.
  • $.08 each for logo cups (required), and $1.00 each for miniature baseball Helmets (required). All cups and helmets MUST be purchased from the Headquarters, at wholesale prices.
  • Company uniforms/shirts, as well as other apparel and gift items used for marketing and sales must be purchased from Headquarters at wholesale prices. No other items, including food, gifts, candy, snacks, beverages, etc is allowed to be sold without approval of headquarters!
  • All other supplies such as spoons, taster spoons, napkins, etc. are the responsibility of franchisee, but can be purchased directly from headquarters at corporate wholesale rates.


Each franchisee is responsible for their own cold storage. Because pallets are shipped to us from NJ via refrigeration trucks, it is highly recommended you obtain at least two 30cubic ft. freezers to store your ice in at your own residence or shop. The wholesale fee for ice includes shipping, but NOT cold storage! Franchisees located within a 90 minute drive from our facility in Wilson NC may share our facility with us at a small rate of $50 per month! Cold storage facilities charge according to the amount you store, with a minimum rate of $100 or more per month. Sharing a facility with another franchisee in your area will save you money! We can provide you a list of cold storage facilities in your area free of charge. Italian Ice is exactly what the name says…ice! Therefore, the ice must be kept frozen in order to sell. The ice is shipped to you via refrigeration trucks on pallets, and it must be delivered to a location for storage or pick up that has a forklift. No deliveries will be made without a forklift. This can be delivered to a residence, so long as proper unloading is provided. Ice is delivered up to 60 cans per pallet, with a minimum order of 10 cans per order.


4-can non-electric cart = $2850 / 6-can electric cart = $3900

  • Lease-to-own is available to owners at a small interest rate: ~ $94.05 per month x 30 months @ 10% (4-can non-electric cart) ~ $128.70 per month x 30 months @ 10% (6-can electric cart)
  • Leasing requires a 10% down payment at time of signing to reserve the cart, and placing the order. This deposit is non-refundable, and is applied to the loan, deducting it from the last 3-4 scheduled payments. Those operators who pay outright for the franchise fee and will not pay any royalties fees for their first two years in business. Those who pay franchise fees monthly And who pay for their carts outright will only be charged 3% in royalties fees their first year. All others will need to pay 5% in royalties fees at initial startup of term.
  • All carts include signage, two scoop bowls, two scoopers, and umbrella.
  • All Owners must purchase carts with official logo and signage directly from Headquarters. All signage must be approved by Headquarters, and must reflect company logo and policies. New franchisees with pre-existing carts are allowed to use their carts, so long as company logo and signage is used.


After much research, we have discovered that our competitors are selling ice cream, as well as Italian Ice anywhere from $.75 - $2.00 per scoop.

  • Each 5-gallon can of Italian Ice will serve 75 four-scoop servings! For a 4-scoop cup this equals to $300 in sales per can!
  • As a company, we set our prices at $2 for school cups (small paper squeeze-up cups we put 2 scoops in). These cups can be sold at local schools, churches, and at special non-profit events, etc.
  • Regular sales: cups (4 scoops) = $4.00 per cup miniature baseball helmets (4 scoops) = $6.00 per helmet


school cup x 150 servings per can = $300

cups x 75 servings per can = $300

helmets x 75 servings per can = $375

**(net after cost): $252 per can; $327 per can when sold with helmets


** 25 school cups per day = $42.00 / 50 cups = $84.00 / 100 cups = $168.00

** 25 cups per day = $84.00 / 50 cups = $168.00 / 100 cups = $336.00

** 25 helmets per day = $109.00 / 50 helmets = $218.00 / 100 = $436.00


75 cups / 10 helmets=$  300.10
labor for 1 associate ($8 per hr.)-56.00
 244.10  sales profit daily
 732.30  sales profit weekend (F-Sun)
 2929.20 sales profit monthly
 - 100.00 cold storage monthly rental
 - 100.00 monthly franchise fee
 $2729.20 monthly net sales profit

2 carts = $ 5,458.40 net profit monthly$21,833.60 season net profit (May-sept.)
4 carts =    10,916.80 net profit monthly$54,584 season net profit (May-Sept)
6 carts = 16,375.20 net profit monthly$81,876 season net profit (May-Sept)
8 carts = 21,833.60 net profit monthly$109,168 season net profit (May-Sept)
  • Sell water, sodas, and snacks at every event location and make an additional $20 per day on average! This alone could be enough to pay for spoons, cups, Napkins, etc


   $$199,608  OVER  A  5  MONTH  FESTIVAL  SEASON!!!!$$